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Chhinj Mela 2019


                                    With the prior permission of Baba Kyalu Ji Maharaj this year Chinj Mela is going to be held on 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th June with Great pomp and show.

With the blessings of Kyalu Baba ji this Year there are huge prizes for the free wrestling .

Winner of the wrestling will be awarded with 

1st Prize on dated 03-06-2019 (only for Himachali Wrestler) & other Prizes (Himachal Kesari Bike ,

               Gangath Kumar =11000+ Baltoi  

1st Prize on dated 04-06-2019 (only for Wrestler Daughters )

               50 kg to 60 kg Baltoi

                        61 kg to 70 kg baltoi

                        71 kg to open Bike

                                                      11 baltoi + other prizes

1st Prize on dated 05-06-2019  Open Wrestling  Bike

                 2nd Prize 2 Baltoi

                 & other Prizes (cash or others)

1st Prize on dated 06-06-2019 3 Cars ( for all Wrestler) 

                       7 Bikes , LED , Coolers, Baltoi

                       & other Prizes (cash or others)
So all the disciples of Baba Kylu ji Maharaj and the wrestlers are Co-cordially invited to be a part and parcel of this huge celebration.

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Beside the Wrestling there are also cultural programmes to be presented by famous singers and music groupsWhatsApp Image 2019-06-02 at 5.01.30 PM