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Gangath History


Himachal Pradesh as the name indicates is a state in the lap of Himalayas is known for its natural & aesthetic beauty has a small town with a population about 14,000 and area about 52 Square kilometer is known as GANGATH. Anciently known as the town of the brass utensil makers locally called THATHERAS. So called BHANDIAN WALA SHAHAR is geographically located 32:13 longitude and latitude in the west of Tehsil Nurpur of District Kangra. Mythologically it was named GANGATH as the prime water of river Ganga used to flow continuously through the CHHOUNCHH ravine /KHAD of the town. In the British times, it was also named as GANGATHAL by the immediate Governor General Warran Hastings.

The town is known for its solitude, natural beauty, craft, agriculture, and horticulture. It is also known for its citrus fruits e.g. lemons, oranges, mangoes, and other citrus varieties. Its farmers are very hard working. Along with growing grains they have started growing cash crops and vegetables which made them economically strong.

The land is famous for its Gods and Goddesses. Here are temples of different Gods and Goddesses. Lord Shiva temple is unique for its 1100 RUDRI Shivlinga of white marvel. It has also temples of Lord RAMA, Lord Krishna, Goddess DURGA and temple of Shani Dev and Nagani Mata. But among the local deities BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ has a unique place

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