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Kyalu baba


Jai Kyalu Baba Ji

Himachal Pradesh is the land of deities. It is evident that the beauty and solitude of Himalayas attracted all the almighty Gods and Goddesses to make Himalayas their permanent abode.

One of these deities is BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ, who made Gangath his permanent shrine. Temple of BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ is situated under an old Banyan tree near Chougan of the said town on the bank of the ravine CHHOUNCHH. Gangathis about 12 Kms. from Tehsil Headquarter Nurpur andapproximately 72Kms. from District Headquarter Dharmshala.

There are a few other temples in the vicinity which are the places of public worship and religious faith. But BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ has its own place and popularity among the local devotees. The people of the area have such strong and deep faith in their local deity that they even starts their routine activities after having the blessings of BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ.

BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ is regarded as a god of prosperity and immediate vindicator of all kind of afflictions. BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ has such a great power over Careprost the evil spirits that they fled away or disappear on hearing the galloping sounds of hooves of MAHARAJ Horse.
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BABA JI is known for his amicableness and fulfils all the desires of his true devotees. Being a warrior god, BABA JI are very fond of wrestling. Hence tohonour his wish, his devotees organize a wrestling fair (locally called as CHHINJ)on the 4th and 5thof June every year. It is one of the most famous CHHINJ MELAS of Himachal Pradesh and wrestlers from everynook and corner of the country make their presence at Gangath.

Traditionally, Gangath was known for itshandmade brass utensils especially for its brass vessels locally known as BALTOIES. It was also known as BHANDE WALA SHAHAR.

So to honour the wrestler BALTOIES, GAGGARS and buckets of brass along with cash and other prizes are given as blessings of BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ.

**************** JAI BABA KYALU JI MAHARAJ ****************

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